The Smartwool Experiment

Charting the wear and tear on four pairs of Smartwool socks.

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Playing Catch Up

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Playing Catch Up  (CC photo by Automania)

CC photo by Automania on Flickr

It can be tricky keeping up with things that are commented on slowly and over time.  Not to mention, many of the conversations I have about this experiment happen face-to-face.  So, with that I’d thought I’d update/point you to some bits of interestingness.

On Washing Socks

Ken, who runs a dyehouse and washroom at a sock manufacturing plant had this to say about washing socks.

if you stuff your washing machine full , or use only enough water to cover the socks , then they will beat against the machine and all the other clothes causing more wear on them .. handwashing , if done roughly can be even worse , more so if you wring them out by hand .. to wash i would suggest a low temperature (low warm , or even cold) and lots of water to give the socks room to move and not beat against other material. that will help prevent some of the pilling effect . as for drying , less heat is much better. For the same reasons as washing, using a machine to dry is worse .. my suggestion would be cool or cold wash in a machine that has a light load, use a lot of water and air dry .

On Getting Socks for Free

Brad, featured in Episode 7: Go Hike has received a pair of free socks from Bridgedale.  He loves ’em.  Word on the email wire is I may have a pair in the mail, too.  I’ll report back.

On Good Smartwool Experiences

Three commenters have posted their positive experiences with Smartwool socks.  Click their names to read the whole comment:

Dave Matusiak: What are you doing to these poor socks? Do you walk around on sandpaper while not wearing shoes? I have Smartwools that have lasted for 4-5 years or more.

Marilyn: I have never had a problem with any of my SmartWool socks. I have worn them for years and not even one sock has ever worn out. I still own other socks, but only wear them reluctantly.

Tia: I have two pairs of Smartwools and I wear them everyday for a week without washing. I love them and there are no signs of wear yet! Heck, sometimes I even sleep with them on!

On Predicting the Result of this Experiment

For those that made a declaration, three think the socks will last the year, seven think they’ll wear before the year’s up.


Written by Beck Tench

February 10, 2009 at 9:51 am